The Zllatan Ibrahimovic Effect in AC Milan Following His Comeback

At the moment there is the so-called Zlatan Ibrahimovic effect within AC Milan. It has been a blast for AC Milan following the return of Ibra to the team. The last time Ibra around was back in the Serie A season of 2010/2011. That was the time AC Milan won the league title. Unfortunately, that was not a really long period of Ibra to play for Milan. The season of 2012/2013 saw Ibra join Paris Saint-Germain for four seasons. His journey after that includes Manchester United and LA Galaxy before finally making a comeback with AC Milan at the end of last December.

It was initiated by the news that Ibra will not have another contract with LA Galaxy. That could only mean that at the end of the season of MLS, the id-season of European Football, he will become a free agent. As usual media starts to speculate the possible move of Ibra to various teams. Even the possibility of ending his career was included in some news as well. Teams mentioned that could propose a contract to Ibra include Tottenham, Napoli, Manchester United, Atletico Madrid and even Bologna. In the end it was Milan that Ibra felt to be the logical path for is career continuation.

It was not until December 27th of 2019 that finally Ibra officially returned to Milan. The given contract is for the remaining six months of European Football season with the option to extend it for another season. It was a kind of long awaited return of a great player like Ibra to boost Milan’s performance literally. The Zlatan Ibrahimovic effect is around immediately at the time he scored a goal against Sampdoria in Serie A on January 11th of 2020. That goal makes him amidst players who scored in each one of the last four decades from the 1990s to the 2020s.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been known to be a great player for years. Despite his current age of 38 he can still deliver a decent performance. He has an excellent shape physically while at the same time he is able to fight against young guns of other teams. Even in Milan there are not much of players left whom he was played with last time he was in the team. He is even considered as a machine without any fear to take risks in purpose of delivering his best. His performance and effect in Milan is an actual proof that he still has it even in one of the toughest competitions in the European Football.

Following the return of Ibra to the team, even the basic formation of the team is adjusted. Previously Milan uses the 4-3-3 formation in which at some points it looks just like 4-5-1 formation. Unfortunately, that formation seems unable to work out with the characteristics of the current players of Milan. The front runners are often cut off from the midfield area. On the other hand, the midfield players are unable to deliver the ball to the penalty area of the opposition.

The latest formation used by Pioli to incorporate Ibra is the 4-4-2 formation. Rafael Leao and Krzysztof Piatek have not been the players needed by Pioli in term of their characteristics. Ibra on the other hand is just the right one to deliver better outcome of the team around. The presence of Ibra in the team play allows more ground to be covered so that the previously visible gap of the midfield and the front can be minimized. That is definitely one of the examples of Zlatan Ibrahimovic effect.

Aside of delivering his effect within the play of the team and the team overall performance, Ibra improve the team spirit within AC Milan as well. Right after the return of Ibrahimovic Milan played the total of 7 matches without any defeat at all. Even in term of the performance in Serie A, for the first time this season Milan is able to secure three wins in a row. Although that positive trend is not solely the effect of Ibrahimovic, surely Ibra has his part on that. It is possible due to the fact that there are young players within the team. They look up Ibra pretty well so that even without Ibra doing anything, he has his effect around already.

One last effect of the return of Ibra is the positive image of the entire club itself. Ibra is considered to be the Swedish king within the scope of football world. He is a global brand so that his effect is not just there around the pitch and the locker room. Marketing will always be getting the benefit of a global brand like Ibra. Merchandises with Ibra on it will most likely boost the income of the team from that matter. Many fans who might feel less interested to follow the club will easily get a new spirit to support the club again. Obviously, the Zlatan Ibrahimovic effect is so real in Milan at the moment. sbobet online

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