6 Players Unpredictably Moving in the Winter Transfer Market of 2020

Transfer market always becomes an interesting thing awaited by soccer lovers. They may wait for their favorite teams to release or invite new players. The winter transfer market was just closed at the end of January. Many unpredicted transfers are seen in the month. So, who are the players included in the list? Here they are and reasons for why their transfers are conducted.

Erling Haaland

One of the unpredictable transfers that is still talked about until now is related to Erling Haaland. Undeniably, the player has been hunted by many big clubs like Manchester United and Barcelona. They like his style of playing, consistency, and ability to make his team stronger. While many observers predict that the player would move from RB Salzburg to one of those big clubs. The 19-year-old player finally chose Borussia Dortmund. Interestingly, Haaland just proves his talent and skills by collecting 7 goals in this season. https://www.judibolaterbaik.co/

Odion Ighalo

Manchester United is one of the clubs that are active to strengthen the squad at the beginning of 2020. After getting Bruno Fernandes, the club trained by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer suddenly invites Odion Ighalo from Shanghai Shenhua. The player itself is definitely skillful and his capability has been proven in his previous club. But his name is not as big as other players who are hunted by MU before.

So, it is reasonable if many people are just surprised by this decision. Pros and cons come out to the surface particularly from the fans of the club. Additionally, MU will be the second club where Ighalo is included in the Premier League competition. In the previous competition, Ighalo was hired by Watford in 2014.

Yannick Carrasco

The speculation about Yannick Carrasco’s future is something to talk about in January 2020. Moreover, he confesses several times that he wants to come back to Europe after Joining Dalian Yifang, a club from China for 2 seasons. Initially, no one thought that Carrasco’s wish will be realized soon. But surprisingly, the Belgian player should be happy since he can be back in Atletico Madrid. Well, he even only gets the loan status.

Alvaro Odriozola

Real Madrid continuously shows the improvement of its performance after the team is playing under the coaching of Zinedine Zidane. Now, in the season of 2019-2020, the club is ranked on the top of standings while they have only been conceded by 13 goals. Unfortunately, despite the luck of the club, one of the players, Alvaro Odriozola cannot feel the same thing.

Yes, the Spanish player is not one of the main choices and his name is removed from the main squad.  As he may not have many chances to play, Odriozola decided to go to Bayern Munchen with the loan status until the end of the season. The news is quite surprising but also disappointing mainly for the fans of Real Madrid. Some of them realize that his playing is not that good recently but many others just think that it is not fair.


Similar to Alvaro Odriozola, it seems that the fortune is still not in Suso’s hands this season. Although he has not signed a new contract yet, the Spanish player is often related to the exit gate of San Siro. Many people may think that it is still a rumor for sure. But in fact, he officially leaves San Siro and decides to go back to his country and play with Sevilla. The ex-player of Liverpool is invited with a loan status until the end of the season with a buying option of around EUR 25 million.

Krzysztof Piatek

Kryzystof Piatek is one of the players who are mostly talked about during the time of winter transfer market 2020. The arrival of Zlatan Ibrahimovic to San Piro causes the Poland player to no longer be the main choice of the coach, Stefano Pioli. It makes his destiny in the club quite confusing. The speculation of him being out of the club is spreading around.

Many clubs are also said to hang Piatek; they are Tottenham and Chelsea. But surprisingly, it looks like he is not really interested in joining one of those big clubs. He decides to go to Germany and joins Hertha Berlin with the transfer price of around EUR 27 million.

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